Two Ways To Keep Cool While Waiting For Your Air Conditioning Repair

As summer officially gets underway, many parts of the country are already sweltering under triple-degree heat. Unfortunately for consumers with broken A/C units, it's also the busy season for air conditioning repair businesses, which means you may have to wait a few days before someone can fix your appliance. Use these two tips to help you stay cool in the meantime.

Minimize Heat Gain

The first thing you should is to keep heat gain in your home to a minimum, and one of the biggest sources of it is windows because they let in sunlight. Put up dark curtains on south and west-facing windows and keep them closed to prevent the light from getting inside and heating up your home. Another option is to install tinted or low-E film on window panes which will reflect the sunlight back outside. Using a combination of methods, you could reduce the temperature inside your home by as much as 20 degrees.

Another thing you'll want to do is wait until nightfall to use heat-producing appliances like stoves, dryers, and dishwashers. Not only will you minimize the heat gain in your home, you'll also save money because you'll be using the bulk of your electricity during off-peak hours when it's cheaper.

Hack Your Fan

Another thing you can do to cool down the inside of your home is turn your fan into a temporary air conditioner. Fill a large bowl with ice or frozen ice packs and place it in front of a fan so that the air blowing from the fan passes over the ice. The fan will blow the cool vapors around the room, which can make it more bearable.

To maximize the benefits of this hack, close doors to unused parts of your home to reduce the amount of space that needs to be cooled. Additionally, remember, cold air tends to fall towards the floor, so you may want to also place a fan on the floor and point it slightly upwards to help circulate the cool air down there.

To avoid getting heat stroke, be sure to stay hydrated and only go outside to run errands when it's coolest (e.g. early morning or in the evening). If your home just gets too hot during the day, locate the nearest cooling center and stay there for a couple of hours until the hottest part of the day passes.

For more tips on staying cool during these hot days or to schedule an appointment to get your air conditioner fixed, contact a local repair company, like Dependable Air Conditioning Co Inc.