How To Clean A Heat Pump

With winter in full effect, homeowners often have to scramble to increase the efficiency of their heating system so they don't have to rely on continually turning up their thermostat. Obviously, the less time you run your heating system, the smaller your bills are going to be. There are a few jobs that are going to help increase the efficiency of your system. This article explains how you can make your heat pump more energy efficient. [Read More]

Summer's Not Gone Forever: How To Prepare Your AC For The Return Of Summer

You may be taking steps to shut down your air conditioner for the winter, but summer will be here before you know it. When it does, you'll want to be ready to use your air conditioner again. You can't just flip the switch to "on" and expect your air conditioner to work properly. You need to take a few steps to make sure your air conditioner is properly prepared for the startup. [Read More]

When To Replace AC And Furnace At The Same Time

Common wisdom has it that if you are replacing your AC, you should also replace the furnace. This isn't bad advice, but it doesn't apply all the time; there are times when it's perfectly normal to replace one without the other and there are times when simultaneous replacement is warranted. Here are some of the situations in which it's advisable to replace both at the same time: The New System Is Way More Efficient [Read More]

Why Is Your Air Conditioner Making Your Circuit Breaker Trip?

Did you ever turn on your air conditioner only to have it turn right back off? Did it trip a circuit breaker? For some, this happens frequently. For others, it can represent a rare annoyance. Sometimes, it's a delayed reaction. But why does it happen at all? What's the Problem with Your AC? A tripped breaker has to do with how electricity is passing through your home wiring and circuit. There are several things that can cause an AC to start attempting to eat up too much electricity too fast. [Read More]