5 Reasons To Take Note Of How Often Your Air Conditioner Turns On And Off

If you have a relatively new and well insulated air conditioner, you likely rarely hear the outdoor condenser switching on and off as it cools your house. However, cracking a window or heading outdoors to listen to the unit can pay off in a big way. An air conditioner that turns on and off rapidly is sending one of five important messages that shouldn't be ignored. You Are Losing Freon [Read More]

Four Myths Every New HVAC Tech Should Be Prepared To Bust

The heating and air conditioning field is one that's saturated with misconceptions and misunderstandings. If you're new to working in HVAC service, you may be surprised the first time you hear some of these myths from customers. The best way to combat the false information is to familiarize yourself with the most common misconceptions. The more you know about the false information that's out there, the better prepared you'll be to field the inevitable questions from customers. [Read More]