Maximize Your HVAC Airflow

The efficiency of your HVAC system depends on many things, but airflow is one of the most important. It is safe to say that, no matter how modern, low wattage, energy efficient, and eco-friendly your new furnace or air conditioning units are, this efficiency will largely be wasted if your airflow is not maximized. You don't want to spend a bunch money heating and cooling your air if you can't actually circulate it into your home. The airflow in central HVAC system is a little more complicated than just having warm air blowing out of the furnace or cold air blowing out of the air conditioner. This article basically explains how split air HVAC systems work, and how to maximize airflow.

Circular Airflow

The flow of air through a split air HVAC system is circular. That is, air blows into your home through the registers, but then there also registers throughout your walls that are air returns. This is where air blows back to the air handler. Their handler is basically the central hub of your HVAC system. The heated air created by the furnace, or the cold air created by the air conditioner which is located outside of your house, comes to the air handler. The air handler then distributes this air into the duct system and through the registers, into the rooms. If the airflow in the return ducts is blocked, then the handler will be able won't be able to produce such strong airflow back to the rooms. Basically, homeowners need to invest in a few simple things if they want to maximize airflow: duct and register cleaning.

Duct and Registers Cleaning

While the cleaning air ducts is something that you need to have done by professionals because it requires special tools, making sure that your registers are not clogged is something you could probably do yourself. In fact, register cleaning can be done without any special tools at all. You can remove the registers from the wall with a screwdriver and then clean them with a wet sponge. But, professional duct cleaning is very affordable. Since you probably don't have the telescoping poles and duct cleaning supplies used to clean deep inside ducts, it is just better to just let a professional do it.

Duct cleaning and heating repair services can be scheduled for less than $100. In fact, it is smart to schedule a duct cleaning every few years so you don't have to remember when your last cleaning was performed.