Three Advantages Of Geothermal Climate Control

Geothermal heating and cooling systems use the earth as a large heat sink, pumping heat into or out of the ground depending on the exterior weather. This unique method of operation provides a number of benefits over traditional heating services to households that have geothermal climate control systems installed within them. Understanding what some of those benefits are can help you decide whether a geothermal system is the right fit for your heating and cooling needs.

Less Noise of Operation

One of the largest advantages associated with geothermal climate control systems is the fact that they are extremely quiet. This is because, beyond a single fan system within the heat pump of the system, there are no moving parts, allowing for the quiet circulation of air. This is a huge benefit when compared to the noisy blower and ductwork systems associated with traditional central forced air heating and cooling systems, which can wake you up in the middle of the night when they turn on.

Reduced Maintenance

In a vein somewhat similar to the above point, geothermal climate control systems do not have many moving parts. This means that they are much less likely to develop mechanical or operational issues due to normal wear and tear. Not only does this mean that you are less likely to have to perform maintenance and repairs on your unit in the short term, saving you money on contractor fees, but it also means that your unit has a longer lifespan, since there are fewer things that can go wrong, reducing long run costs by extending the amount of time that you can wait before you have to replace the unit entirely.

Increased Efficiency

Another massive advantage associated with geothermal climate control systems is the fact that they are extremely efficient at transforming electrical power into heating or cooling capacity when compared to forced air systems. This not only means that your system will have to operate for a shorter period of time to provide a comfortable temperature within your home but also that you will use less electricity as a result and thus save money on your monthly energy bills. These savings can be quite significant depending on the size of your home, which can help pay down the initial cost of purchasing and installing a geothermal system in the first place. This also means that your home becomes much more environmentally friendly, since it won't be consuming as much energy (or using non-renewable resources, if you had a natural gas or propane furnace before).