3 Benefits Of Duct Repair And Cleaning

If you have a forced-air heating and cooling system, you know it's incredibly effective at quickly heating or cooling your home. Unfortunately, forced-air heating and cooling is incredibly inefficient and wastes a lot of energy. One reason forced-air systems are so inefficient is the ductwork used to transport the heated or cooled air. If there's a problem in your ducts, you may have to use more energy and money to reach a comfortable temperature. If your ducts haven't been repaired or cleaned in a while, check out these benefits.

Improved Airflow

The ductwork for your HVAC system travels throughout your home's walls, ceiling, basement, attic, etc. Air heated or cooled at the furnace is sent to various rooms via these ducts. The air is expelled through vents in your living space, which controls the temperature inside the home. If less air reaches these vents, you'll have to turn up (or down) the temperature to get comfortable. One reason airflow may be limited is debris buildup inside the vents. The furnace filter is designed to keep debris out of the system, but overtime, dust collects, creating clogs and narrow spots. Ultimately, less air reaches you, and more strain is put on the system as it forces air through a narrow passageway.

Reduced Air-Leaks

Another reason there may be less air reaching your living space is damage to the ductwork. Wear and tear, damage, faulty installation, poor maintenance, etc. can cause gaps and holes to appear in the ductwork. Each time the heated or cooled air passes by one of these holes, some air escapes. The air is lost in the walls and other areas of your home that don't require temperature control. These holes and gaps can be repaired easily with metal tape, but locating all the holes may prove difficult, which is why a professional may be in order. You can often fix holes and gaps yourself on ducts that are easy to access, such as exposed ducts in the attic.

Better Insulated Air

For the most part, the ductwork inside your home is located in non-temperature controlled zones, such as the attic, basement, crawlspace and garage. These areas usually stay hot during the summer and cold during the winter, depending on their location. For example, an attic will stay much hotter in the summer and winter than a basement. However, if the ducts that travel through these areas aren't insulated, you can lose or gain some heat. For example, during the summer, cold air running through the ducts is automatically heated as it passes through the attic. By insulating these ducts, you can significantly lose the amount of heat gain/loss. Again, you can do this yourself, but finding the ducts may be difficult.

If you are sick of your inefficient furnace, there may be something wrong with the ductwork. Regardless, however, you should have your system regularly maintained to prevent damage and improve efficiency. For more information about HVAC repair and maintenance, contact air conditioning maintenance services in your area today.