About HVAC System Maintenance

No matter how high quality an HVAC system is, there is the possibility of it losing energy efficiency. The problem can arise from the system simply becoming old and worn out from many years of use, or due to it being neglected in regards to maintenance. It is wise to ensure that your HVAC system runs with the highest level of energy efficiency if you don't want to end up paying large energy bills each month to use it. Your goal should be to keep all of the system parts in good shape, including getting dirt removed every now and then by a professional technician. Browse the content below to learn about a few of the HVAC system parts that must receive maintenance to function at their fullest ability.

The Furnace Is Important for Heating

When it comes to keeping your house warm, the worst thing that you can do is neglect the furnace. You must keep in mind that the furnace is the main part that an HVAC system uses to produce heat. You will notice that no heat comes out of the vents when the furnace isn't working, which can lead to you running the heater for a long time in an attempt to warm your house up. If your heater runs on gas, it is important for the thermocouple, burner, pilot orifice, and gas valve to receive maintenance. If the furnace is electric, all electrical parts must receive maintenance every now and then.

Never Neglect the System Coils

System coils are the most important when you are trying to cool your house down. There are two coils, which are called the evaporator and condenser. Both of the coils have a different job to help with keeping your house cool when the air conditioner is on. The main job of the evaporator is to remove heat from the air with the help of the system coolant; the condenser then has the job of sending that heat out of your house, which helps the system run in an energy-efficient manner.

Pay Attention to the Thermostat

Another important HVAC system part is the thermostat, and it is used for heating and cooling your house. It is a good idea to pay close attention to how well the thermostat functions. For instance, if you turn the temperature up high to warm your house up, pay attention to how the air feels based on the temperature. It is possible for a thermostat needle to get off balance and not actually be set at the temperature that it is pointed at. You might need to get the needle fixed or thermostat recalibrated to achieve an accurate temperature.

Call a furnace repair technician for help maintaining your home's heating system.