What to Do Before, During & After a Commercial HVAC Installation in a Restaurant

Owning a restaurant comes with a lot of responsibilities, including ensuring your customers are safe and comfortable during their time in your establishment. If you are noticing that it's becoming difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in the restaurant, it's probably time to replace the HVAC system.

Since you own a business that has several staff members as well as customers, it's important to take the appropriate steps when preparing for a commercial HVAC installation. Here are a few tips on what you should do before, during, and after the HVAC installers arrive.

Before the Installation

A commercial HVAC installation can be an extensive task and it can get quite dusty in the building. In many situations, a commercial business requires more than one system, which means even more equipment sitting around, installers on site and dust. So, it's best to close the restaurant during the installation.

To avoid inconveniencing your customers and staff, several days before the HVAC installers are due to arrive, be sure to post an announcement stating the days in which the business will be closed. To ensure everyone who visits the establishment is aware of the changes in operation; post a notice on the entrance doors and in the staff break room. It's also a good idea to put a small note on the menus to ensure everyone is aware of the closing.

During the Installation

In order for the HVAC installers to effectively complete their work, it's important that no one gets in their way. If you plan on being in the building during the installation, to prevent the risk of contamination of food items, avoid doing any type of prep work that involves food in or near the area where the installers are working. When the installers arrive, be sure to let them know the easiest way to enter the building and where the restrooms are located. It may also be helpful to let them know where the breaker box is located.

After the Installation

Once the new HVAC system has been installed and before the HVAC installers leave the premises, be sure to ask if there is anything you should be aware of. Don't forget to inspect the system to ensure it has been installed to your agreement with the HVAC contractor and ask if there is anything you should be aware of. For instance, if a new thermostat was also installed, be sure you understand how to operate it.

To help minimize the amount of dust and debris that invades the food areas, consider covering appliances, cookware, and areas where food is stored with plastic. Before opening day, be sure to thoroughly clean in and around the area where the work was done.