Gas Fireplace Inserts And Hearths To Prepare Your Home For A Warm Fire This Winter

If you want to have an elegant and easy-to-maintain fireplace, gas inserts and hearths are great options. You will want to know a few things before installing a gas fireplace insert and hearth. The following gas fireplace installation information will give you an idea of the options to add a fireplace to your home before winter.

Inspecting the existing chimney stack — The existing chimney stack is probably going to need some repairs and improvements before you can install a gas insert. Therefore, it is crucial to inspect the existing chimney stack for problems that need to be repaired before a gas fireplace insert can be installed. You will want to talk to the installation contractor about height requirements to ensure the new fireplace allows exhaust gases to escape.

Installing the insert flue pipe — The flue pipe of a gas fireplace is very important because it has to protect your home. The new flue pipe will be installed by the same professional fireplace installers that install the gas insert. This pipe is a double-wall pipe that is sealed to prevent exhaust gases from getting trapped in your home. It also protects the chimney stack from heat and smoke that is produced by the fireplace.

Choosing the design of your gas fireplace — Then there is the design of your fireplace, which can vary depending on the chimney and opening. You will want a design for the fireplace that matches your interior design, which can have decorative metal features and details that help enhance the appearance of the new fireplace. The hearth outside of the insert can also blend into the design of the interior finishes.

The face of the fireplace and finishes around the hearth — The hearth of your fireplace is the finish outside of the insert. Part of the hearth can be the insert that you have installed, but you also want to consider the finishes that you have installed outside of the fireplace. The best choice of materials here are fire-resistant products like stone, brick, and ceramic tile. The insert and any flammable materials in your home have to be separated by a safe distance to reduce fire hazards when using the gas insert.

These gas fireplace solutions can be a great way to give your home a safe fireplace before the winter weather arrives. Call a gas fireplace installation service to discuss these options to install a new fireplace before the cold air arrives.