6 Ways To Take Care Of Your Furnace

As winter approaches, it is essential to make sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm throughout the year's colder months. With the right maintenance, your furnace should not have any issues keeping your home warm.

Way #1: Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters play a large role in how well your furnace performs. The air filter helps to keep small debris from damaging the components of your furnace. However, if the filter is too dirty and clogged up, not enough air will get through to your furnace for it to heat up.

When your filter is dirty, it can impact the efficiency and performance of your furnace. You should start the winter out with a clean filter and be sure to check it every month throughout the winter to make sure it is not too dirty. If it is, either sway it out for a new one or if it is a reusable filter, give it a good cleaning before putting it back.

Way #2: Test Your O2 Detectors

You want to make sure your O2 detectors are working correctly, so if your furnace has a carbon monoxide leak, you will be warned in time to take action to protect yourself.

It is a good idea to change out the batteries at the start of the winter, so you know you have fresh batteries in your CO detectors. You should test the detectors once a month to make sure they are working correctly.

Way #3: Keep the Outdoor Exhaust Pipes Clear

Next, you are going to want to check on the outdoor exhaust pipes. Make sure that all the outdoor exhaust pipes are clear and that nothing is obstructing them. If anything is blocking their operation, move it. You need clear exhaust pipes for your furnace to work correctly.

Way #4: Clean up Around Your Furnace

You want air to be able to flow freely around your furnace, and if your furnace has a performance issue, you want to easily and quickly access your furnace. If many items have accumulated around your furnace, clear them out so you can easily access it.

Way #5: Open Your Air Registers

Go through your home, make sure all your air registers are open, and that nothing is blocking airflow from the registers. If your registers are cold or blocked, your furnace will not heat your home correctly. 

Way #6: Get a Tune-Up

Finally, it is smart to invest in a yearly tune-up with a trained HVAC professional. A yearly tune-up will allow a trained technician a chance to look at your unit. They may notice parts that need to be replaced or tightened up that you may not notice.

A regular tune-up can allow you to get more years of effective usage out of your furnace. Be sure to get one each year, and be sure to check the air filter, put new batteries in the CO detector, clean around your unit, and open up all the registers for the best operating experience. Learn more about heating maintenance today.