Four Signs That Indicate You Are In Need Of Heater Repair Services

Despite the availability of great heater brands, none can guarantee that the heater you install in your home will provide optimum heating forever. Over time, a heater will start to malfunction due to irregular service or aging. Thus, you will inevitably require heater repair services.

Regular maintenance of the heater can keep some issues at bay and prevent the frequent need for heater repair services. However, it is still essential to determine when a heater needs to get repaired. Fortunately, some signs let you know your heater has started to malfunction is in need of urgent emergency heater repair services.

Here are four common signs that let you know your heater needs repair.

A Spike in Your Energy Bill

If you have an electric heater, you have already become accustomed to receiving electric bills within a specific price range since you started using the heater. However, if the electric bill suddenly and outrageously spikes up, it might be because your heater is utilizing excess energy to provide warmth to your household.

As a heater gets old, it tends to lose its efficiency and consumes more electricity to provide heat. However, replacing the old components that have lost their efficiency will reinstate the heater's efficiency. Thus, if you see your electricity bill outrageously spiking up, you need to get in touch with a heater repair service provider to replace the heater's inefficient components.

Presence of Carbon Monoxide

If you have a gas-operated heater, it usually comes with a carbon monoxide detector and warning system. If the carbon monoxide detector lights up, you are in grave danger because excessive carbon monoxide inhalation can lead to death. 

Carbon monoxide forms when a heater is not burning the gas effectively, and thus it is a sign of a malfunction. Hence, it is essential to call an emergency heater repair contractor to fix the problem before carbon monoxide poisoning grows in your home.

Inconsistent Heating

When a heater gets turned on, it should provide a consistent level of heating throughout the entire house. However, if the temperature levels in different areas/rooms of the house are inconsistent or you need to constantly crank up the thermostat to get warmer, there is an issue with the heater.

In most cases, the culprit is a faulty internal component, or the thermostat has a problem. Irrespective of the cause, if a heater is not providing sufficient heat throughout the home, you need to seek heater repair services before the heater stops working completely.

Short Cycling

Short cycling occurs when the heater keeps turning on and off within a short period. This problem happens when the heat exchanger gets too hot and automatically turns off the heater to cool down. Thus, it means the heater's cooler is not regulating the excessive heat from the heat exchanger, and therefore it gets too hot. If the cooler doesn't get repaired urgently, it could lead to the heat exchanger getting damaged, and ultimately, the heater will stop working.

Short cycling acts as a warning sign to let you know the heat exchanger is overheating and you need emergency heater repairs before the heater breaks down. Check out this site,, or similar websites for more information.