3 Ways To Maintain Your Home's Furnace

Part of homeownership is performing necessary maintenance so that appliances work properly and repairs can be avoided. This includes your home's furnace, which has several things to maintain.

Change The Air Filter

A forced-air furnace is going to have an air filter that all the air passes through, and it collects the dust and debris in the air so that it doesn't recirculate back into your home. This filter needs to be changed regularly though, since too much debris can build up and prevent air from flowing through it. The frequency that you need to change the filter depends on the type that it uses, with times between filter changes varying between every month and every year. Stay on top of swapping out the filter to continue to have fresh air in your home.

Change The Humidifier Pad

Another part that needs to be swapped out regularly is the humidifier pad. If you have a whole-home humidifier, it is going to add moisture to the air by having the air pass through a pad where water has trickled over it. However, this pad requires changing as well in order to prevent mold growth from forming on the pad and then getting those spores into the air. Consider changing this pad before the start of winter each year when you turn on your furnace to ensure that it's operating with a clean pad. 

Get A Furnace Tune-Up

It is also worth hiring an HVAC technician to perform an annual furnace tune-up. For this type of inspection, a professional will be able to look inside the furnace and identify potential problems before they come up, as well as perform some routine maintenance to the parts inside. For example, some moving parts will need additional lubrication, belts will need to be replaced if they are cracked, and parts will be inspected to ensure that they are drawing enough power. The entire inside of the furnace will also be cleaned as well to get rid of the dust and debris that made its way inside that may cause issues. 

If a part is discovered to be damaged and needs to be replaced, the HVAC technician will take care of it all for you. They'll be able to identify the specific part that is needed for your furnace, order it, and replace it. Hiring a heating maintenance professional really simplifies the hardest part of furnace maintenance over the years.