2 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding If You Should Replace Your Home's Current Central Air Conditioner

Whether the central air conditioning system in your home was there when you moved in or it has been a while since you had it installed, you may be wondering whether it may be time to have it replaced. While you think it is still working correctly, its age and possible effects on your home's energy bills may have left you wondering.

If you are on the fence about whether you need a new system, you can start to ask yourself questions about its efficacy. Below are a couple of such questions to help you get started when trying to decide whether you need to have a professional replace your home's central AC unit.

1. Does the Current System Require R22, Also Known as Freon?

One of the first things that you should examine when trying to decide whether to replace the system is the type of refrigerant it uses. Does the unit use the current environmentally-friendly standard? Or, does it still use Freon, a substance known to be detrimental to the environment around you and has been phased out?

If you are unsure which refrigerant your system uses, look at the owner's manual, or ask an HVAC professional to examine the unit. If your air conditioner is still using Freon, you should have them replace the system.

2. Is Your Current AC Unit Maintaining a Comfortable Environment in Your Home?

Another question to ask yourself is whether or not your current AC unit keeps your home comfortable. Even when it is humid outside, does the air inside your house feel dry and cool? Or, do you have areas where the air is warm and muggy no matter how long the unit runs?

If even parts of your home are not kept comfortable with your current system, you should consider having it replaced. It may be the wrong size for your home or just simply worn out. A professional can help you pick out a replacement system that is the right size.

If your home feels muggy and warm during the summer months even with the AC running, it is time to consider having it replaced with a more modern, energy-efficient model. This is especially true if the system still required Freon to operate. If you need help with choosing a new unit as well as having it installed, contact an HVAC contractor in your area who offers AC replacement services for further assistance.