Air Conditioning Repairs That Might Be Needed For Wiring Problems In Your AC

If your air conditioner isn't turning on, or it's acting erratically, the problem might be with the wiring. Bad wiring can make your AC act up in odd ways, so it's difficult for you to understand what's going on with the equipment. An air conditioning repair technician can use a multimeter to track down problems in your AC and figure out where the trouble is. Here's how wiring can be damaged. 

Damage Due To Rodents

Mice like to gnaw on things, and they won't hesitate to gnaw on wiring insulation. The mice might get inside the condenser over the winter and damage the wiring. The rodents could get in the walls of your house and chew on wiring going from the thermostat to the air handler.

If wiring is damaged anywhere along the path power flows to your AC, it can cause your air conditioner to stop working. An air conditioning repair technician can repair or replace bad wiring as needed to fix the problem.

Ask your technician about ways to keep mice out of the condenser over the winter. They might recommend putting mesh screen around the condenser that lets air flow through but that mice can't get past.

Wiring Connections Come Loose

Wiring connections can work loose too, even if the wiring is okay. The connection might vibrate loose or get knocked loose by someone working around your equipment or by an animal that's in your attic or between the walls.

This is an easy air conditioning repair to do since all that's needed is to tighten the wiring connection. However, tracking down the connection might be difficult, but the repair technician gets clues from the part that's malfunctioning.

Power Surge Causes Damage

A power surge can harm wiring and also electronic parts in your air conditioner. You may know when your home has a power surge or lightning strike, but if you're not home at the time, you may wonder what happened to your AC so that it suddenly stopped working.

An air conditioning repair technician has to troubleshoot this situation to figure out what's wrong. There may be multiple parts affected that need to be repaired. The wiring may need to be replaced if it is damaged badly enough by a power surge.

It's not always possible to protect your air conditioner from a power surge that can harm wiring, but you might want to start turning your air conditioner off when it's storming. Ask your air conditioning repair technician for advice. Turning your AC off as you might unplug computers and your TV during a storm might save you from a repair bill.