When To Replace AC And Furnace At The Same Time

Common wisdom has it that if you are replacing your AC, you should also replace the furnace. This isn't bad advice, but it doesn't apply all the time; there are times when it's perfectly normal to replace one without the other and there are times when simultaneous replacement is warranted. Here are some of the situations in which it's advisable to replace both at the same time:

The New System Is Way More Efficient

The AC and furnace share some systems or components, such as the blower or air handler. If you replace either the furnace or the AC without replacing the other, you will be running two unmatched systems. The mismatch in systems will interfere with energy efficiency since the new system, which will be more efficient than the older one, won't be running at its full potential. Although it is possible to mix and match components and find tune the efficiency, it is a complicated job and it is much easier to replace everything at once.

Both Systems Are Aging

Apart from that, it's also financially economical to replace older systems at the same time. This is especially true if both systems have been experiencing frequent breakdowns in the recent past. This is because if you only replace one, you will also be replacing the other one soon after. However, it is cheaper to replace both systems at the same time than it is to replace them one at a time.

You Want To Protect Your Warranty

If one system is older than the other, then the manufacturer isn't obligated to shoulder the repair costs should your new system break down. This is because there is always a good chance that the breakdown can be traced back to the older half of your unified system, something that the manufacturer of the new unit isn't obligated to care for.

Labor Charge is High

The installation costs of an AC or furnace is determined by different factors such as the accessibility of the unit, how far the contractor is from your house, the size of the house, and the condition of the existing ductwork, among other things. For example, an under-the-house furnace in a well-developed area is more difficult and costly to replace than a ground floor unit. The more your system is difficult and costly to install, the cheaper it will be to replace them together rather than one at a time.

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