Air Conditioning A Zero Energy Home

People are thinking about the environmental impact of their homes and lives. This has led to an increase in building styles that work to minimize economic impact. The ultimate choice in green building practices is a zero energy building, which generates more power than it uses. Since air conditioning is such a huge part of a home's summer energy usage, it needs to be a focus in the design considerations. [Read More]

Finding Goldilocks: Getting The Right Size Air Conditioner

When you are getting a new air conditioner, it is important to get one that is the right size. Too small, and it will struggle to keep your home cool. Too large, and it will cool your home, but you are wasting energy and it will actually struggle to complete a full cooling cycle. Understanding what goes into this calculation will help you tell if your HVAC tech complete your air conditioning installation. [Read More]

Transforming An Outbuilding Into A Guest Cottage? Plumbing Budget Considerations

A sturdy, detached building set away from the house might have worked well as a garage, studio or workshop for the former owners of your property. But if your lifestyle leans toward socializing and family activities rather than autos, art and mechanics, turning that structure into a small cottage for guests may be a more appropriate use for the structure. The transformation will take more than adding a few divider walls, paint and a bed. [Read More]

Understanding Freon: What It Means To The Ozone And You

If you have been a homeowner for any period of time, you have probably had your air conditioning unit serviced. Many times, one of the things that the technician will tell you is that your unit just needs to be charged, or that they need to add a little bit of Freon. Have you ever stopped to wonder what Freon really is, why it is so important to your air conditioning system, or what it means to the ozone layer? [Read More]