Four Cost-Saving Reasons To Install A Tankless Water Heater

Although a tankless water heater may cost a bit more initially compared to a traditional tank model, it can save you money month after month once it is installed. If you need a new water heater, the following are some reasons to consider tankless.  1. No Holding Energy A traditional tank water heater operates by holding 40 gallons of water, or more, at a constant hot temperature. It takes a bit of energy usage to keep this tank on heated standby at all times. [Read More]

6 Ways To Take Care Of Your Furnace

As winter approaches, it is essential to make sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm throughout the year's colder months. With the right maintenance, your furnace should not have any issues keeping your home warm. Way #1: Change Your Air Filters Your air filters play a large role in how well your furnace performs. The air filter helps to keep small debris from damaging the components of your furnace. [Read More]

Three Sounds You Never Want To Hear From Your AC Unit

If your air conditioner is working properly, you'll most likely never even know it's there. Outside of a simple click whenever the unit turns on (and possibly one when it turns off), your air conditioner operates as a silent guardian of your home, providing cool temperatures whenever it's needed. For that reason, if you do hear sounds coming from your air vents, it's worth it to hire an HVAC contractor to check it out. [Read More]

Gas Fireplace Inserts And Hearths To Prepare Your Home For A Warm Fire This Winter

If you want to have an elegant and easy-to-maintain fireplace, gas inserts and hearths are great options. You will want to know a few things before installing a gas fireplace insert and hearth. The following gas fireplace installation information will give you an idea of the options to add a fireplace to your home before winter. Inspecting the existing chimney stack — The existing chimney stack is probably going to need some repairs and improvements before you can install a gas insert. [Read More]