Four Winter Illnesses That Can Be Avoided With Proper Duct Cleaning Services

Duct cleaning performed before winter improves the efficiency of your heating appliance. It also provides cleaner indoor air. Cleaner indoor air prevents the four following illnesses, leading to better overall health this chilly time of year.


It is well-known that colds are the direct result of spending so much time indoors in winter with dirty air. While you cannot air out your home by opening a few windows with your heater on, you can clear out the heating ducts. The first winter you have the ducts cleared, you may be surprised at how much better everyone's health is that particular winter. It gets better with every annual duct cleaning you have completed. 


Asthma is a year-round illness that never really goes away. However, in winter, it is usually much worse because of the quality of the indoor air you breathe. You want to avoid repeated asthma attacks by keeping the air clean. 


Believe it or not, bronchitis is made much, much worse by dirty air in your home. Your bronchial tubes are severely inflamed and infected, and it is very hard to breathe without coughing. Add to the mix the dirty, dusty air your heating appliance is forcing upward into your home through dirty air ducts, and you may never fully recover or recover properly from a bad bout of this illness. Boost your chances of a speedy and healthy recovery from bronchitis with cleaner air ducts. 


Pneumonia is an infection in the lungs that causes your lungs to be swimming in fluid. Breathing is labored, and coughing is constant, and you have a fever that is too high. Dirty air, particularly air that has a lot of atomized cleaning chemicals added to it, can make your pneumonia even worse. To give your prescription antibiotics the best possible shot of eliminating pneumonia this winter (or any winter!), keep the atomized cleaners out of the air, clean the heating ducts, and keep atomized cleaners away from the cold air return vents. Use only wipe-on, wipe-off cleaners to clean until the pneumonia is gone. 

Call Your HVAC Contractor Today

Only an HVAC contractor/technician can clean the ducts for you. They have the special machines that will reach deep into the duct system and suck out all of the debris that will make you sick. They do a very thorough job of it so that none of the above illnesses become progressively worse.