Tips To Caring For A Walk In Freezer

In order to make sure that your convenience store, restaurant, grocery store or any other business, you really can get a lot out of buying and caring for a walk in freezer. A walk in freezer is an excellent purchase for any kind of business that you're running, so make sure that you not only learn how to buy one these pieces of equipment, but also maintain them to the best of your ability. [Read More]

AC Not Working? Try These Simple Fixes Before Calling The Repairman

The heat of summer is pounding down on your home, and your home air conditioning unit has been working hard to keep you cool. Just when you are confident the unit is going to make it through the season without failure, you suddenly have no air and the unit won't even come on. Unfortunately, AC failure like this is common, but thankfully, there are usually easy solutions for the situation. [Read More]

Using Crawlspace Encapsulation To Protect Your Children From Black Mold

Crawlspaces are often neglected when people improve their home. This mistake can be costly. Black mold is a common growth in these areas and it can seriously damage your child's health. That's why encapsulation is such an important task. Black Mold Occurs Because Of Humidity Black mold occurs in crawl spaces when an excess of humidity is in the air. For example, a mold colony typically needs a relative humidity of about 70 percent or higher. [Read More]

2 Easy-to-Solve Dusty Air Problems

There are many parts and components of a central HVAC system where you could run into problems. Of course, you will need to consult an HVAC technician for most repairs, but you might be able to find and fix the problem yourself. Some of the simplest HVAC repairs are manageable with a little bit of instruction. For example, what do you do if the air blowing into your home is dusty? [Read More]