Aspects Of Your Air Conditioning System That Need To Be Cleaned Regularly

It is so nice to come inside on a hot July day and feel the nice cool air found inside a home because of the air conditioning system. That feeling is often forgotten and taken for granted until the air conditioning system goes out. You do not want to have your air conditioning system go out on you when you need it most, so it is very smart to have things taken care of in the offseason. Here are just a few different parts of the air conditioning system that are often overlooked, but should be cleaned serviced at least once a year.

Air Ducts

Often you will find that if you open up the vents in your home and look into them, you will be disgusted. That is because very few people think to have their air ducts cleaned. This is a very important aspect of your heating and air conditioning system that needs to be cleaned. It is running a good portion of the time, and it can get extremely dirty. In fact, a lot of the buildup is going to be dust and mold. These are both allergens that can cause a lot of health problems. Call a technician and have them clean out your air ducts at least once a year and you may also notice that your bills go down. If your air ducts are clogged, then your system may be working much harder than it actually needs to.

The Condenser 

When you walk out your back door and you see your condenser, most of the time you don't even notice it. This is also a portion of your air conditioning unit that is often overlooked. There are some very simple ways that you can keep it operating at full force. First and foremost make sure that it is completely free of any debris. In fact, remove any vegetation that is around it, and then remove the screen and vacuum any debris out of the condenser. Another thing you may want to do is to check and see if it is still level. If it is not level the coolant may not be evenly distributed through the condenser and you may run into a few problems. This can usually be fixed with a jack and some extra cement. The condenser is an integral part of the air conditioning system, so it is a good idea to have a technician look at it at least every other year. 

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