Telltale Signs That You May Need Plumbing Services For Your Garbage Disposal

Properly disposing of your garbage prevents the spread of pollution and disease. It makes sure the environment remains habitable for animals, plants and humans. For these reasons, the garbage disposal plays an important role in your household. Read on to find out the telltale signs that you may need plumbing services for your garbage disposal.

Do You Hear Humming?

If you turn your garbage disposal on and hear humming, then it is probably jammed. It usually means that your impellers are struck. The impeller is one of the main parts of the pump. It consists of blades that grind up the garbage that is put down the drain. Your instincts tell you to put your hand down the drain, but that is the wrong move. To check the drain, you will need to turn the circuit breakers off to your garbage disposal. After turning off the power, you can remove the bottom of the unit to dislodge the blockage. If you are inexperience with this type of repair, then you should call a professional to prevent an injury.

Do Your Unit Makes Any Sounds?

If you turn on the switch and your garbage disposal does not hum, then it could be overheating. Your garbage disposal can overheat when too full and trip your breaker box. A red reset button is located under your unit and you should push it. If your garbage disposal does not come on, then you want to check your circuit box to check for a blown fuse.

Is Your Unit Leaking?

If your garbage disposal is leaking, then there could be a variety of reasons for this problem. When many homeowners see a leak under their sink, it is easy to think it is the quality of your garbage disposal. The leak can come from your pipes or from the way your unit was installed. You will need to call out a plumber to diagnose the problem.

Is Your Unit Draining Slowly?

There are many reasons why your garbage disposal is draining slowly. One of the main reasons is the improper disposal of food waste. When disposed in the wrong manner, there may be a lack of water and the waste is sent to your drain line. This could mean that your drain line is clogged.

Sometimes, you just need a new garbage disposal. It helps to check your manufacturer's warranty to see if your unit is covered. Regardless of the problem, you should have your garbage disposal inspected by a plumber. Visit a site like for more help.