2 Easy-to-Solve Dusty Air Problems

There are many parts and components of a central HVAC system where you could run into problems. Of course, you will need to consult an HVAC technician for most repairs, but you might be able to find and fix the problem yourself. Some of the simplest HVAC repairs are manageable with a little bit of instruction. For example, what do you do if the air blowing into your home is dusty? This article explains how to find and fix a dusty air problem.

Replacing the Furnace Filter

The most common cause of dusty is a furnace filter than needs to be cleaned or changed. Most filters are connected to the furnace so they are easy to work on. Look for the filter where the ducts are connected to the outside of the furnace. The filter is usually in a small compartment that it slides right into.

So, you shouldn't need any tools to remove and replace an air filter. If you pull out the existing filter and it is caked in dirt, you want to replace it immediately. However, if the filter looks clean and white, this is probably not the source of your problem. Your best bet is to call a duct cleaning specialist to examine your air ducts and find the source of the problem.

Cleaning the Furnace Pump

Dust can also lead to low airflow in your HVAC system. That is, no matter how well your furnace or air conditioner are working, they won't be very effective if the air is being blocked by dusty components is not flowing properly. The air pump which is located inside the furnace is responsible for airflow and can get clogged by dust.

Opening up your furnace and cleaning this pump is very simple. Most furnaces have an access panel that can be removed without any tools. Once this panel is off, you should be able to locate the furnace pump. The pump is the main component inside the furnace cabinet. Clean out the pump and remove any dust that could be blocking airflow. While you have the furnace cabinet open, it is a good idea to vacuum out the whole thing. Any dust on the ground or walls of the furnace cabinet is bound to get sucked into the pump.

These two jobs are simple and can be done with in less than an hour. Ultimately, you might have to spend more time and money fixing your furnace if you don't regularly clean the pump and change the filter. To learn more about HVAC or heating repair, contact companies like Total Comfort Heating & Air Condition.