Using Crawlspace Encapsulation To Protect Your Children From Black Mold

Crawlspaces are often neglected when people improve their home. This mistake can be costly. Black mold is a common growth in these areas and it can seriously damage your child's health. That's why encapsulation is such an important task.

Black Mold Occurs Because Of Humidity

Black mold occurs in crawl spaces when an excess of humidity is in the air. For example, a mold colony typically needs a relative humidity of about 70 percent or higher. They also need comfortably warm temperatures and food to eat. While it is hard to eliminate the food sources in a crawl space or to affect the temperature, it is possible to fix the humidity.

This act is especially important for those who have young children who may play near the crawl space or around the home. Black mold is a severe danger that can put the lives of an entire home, especially the children, at risk.

The Dangers Of Black Mold For Children

The growth of black mold in crawl spaces can be a serious danger to a family's health. Inhaling it can cause a variety of symptoms, including asthma attacks, difficulties breathing, dizziness, and much more. This fact is especially true of young children who inhale black mold. In some instances, it can even cause severe symptoms that lead to an increased risk of death.

Getting rid of black mold requires sealing off a crawl space and keeping it from getting too humid. This situation is when encapsulation is so beneficial. Anyone who is worried about black mold affecting their children needs to understand this process and its many benefits.

How Encapsulation Helps

Encapsulation is the act of finding openings in a crawl space and taking steps to seal them. For example, small cracks in walls and windows can cause moisture to creep in and endanger the well-being of your children. There are several ways that encapsulation work and each has its own unique benefits for protecting a home.

For example, a vapor barrier will cover the area to ensure that no moisture gets in the crawl space. A drainage system may need to be installed to pull away excessive water. Then, all vents and cracks will be sealed and the crawl space dehydrated to ensure that it doesn't contribute to the continued growth of black mold spores.

Though crawl space encapsulation may seem like an excess expense to many people, it is a step that is necessary for protecting their children. It is a small price to pay to protect them from the severe dangers that black mold presents their health.