Summer's Not Gone Forever: How To Prepare Your AC For The Return Of Summer

You may be taking steps to shut down your air conditioner for the winter, but summer will be here before you know it. When it does, you'll want to be ready to use your air conditioner again. You can't just flip the switch to "on" and expect your air conditioner to work properly. You need to take a few steps to make sure your air conditioner is properly prepared for the startup. Here are four steps that will ensure your air conditioner is ready for use:

Don't Forget to Take the Cover Off

When winter arrives, the first thing you should do is cover your air conditioner with a heavy-duty cover. The cover will protect your air conditioner against weather damage. However, once summer arrives, you'll need to make sure you take the cover off. The last thing you want to do is turn your air conditioner on when the cover is still attached. That's a good way to burn up the motor and ruin your summer. Before you turn your air conditioner on for the first time next summer, make sure you go out and take the cover off.

Check for Nesting Materials and Dead Animals

With the cover in place, your air conditioner was protected against the rain and snow. However, it wasn't protected against nesting pests. Mice, rats, and even squirrels are experts at finding their way through the covers, and into your air conditioner. Once inside, they're going to build their homes inside your air conditioner. When you take your cover off next summer, check for nesting material, and dead animals. If you find any of those things, you'll need to remove them before you can move on to the next step. You don't want to use your air conditioner when you have nesting material and dead animals inside.

Clean the Coils Inside and Out

If you do find nesting material and dead animals in your air conditioner, you'll need to give your coils a deep cleaning. Begin by removing the fan motor from inside your air conditioner. Use your garden hose, or pressure washer to clean the coils, inside and out. Be sure to wash the coils until the water runs clear. That way, you know you don't have any hidden dirt inside the coils.

Consider an Annual Inspection

If you've never had your air conditioner inspected on an annual basis, you might want to start doing that, especially if your unit is more than a few years old. An annual inspection will ensure that problems are repaired before they lead to significant downtime during the hot summer months. Not only that, but annual inspections help extend the life of your air conditioner.

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