How To Clean A Heat Pump

With winter in full effect, homeowners often have to scramble to increase the efficiency of their heating system so they don't have to rely on continually turning up their thermostat. Obviously, the less time you run your heating system, the smaller your bills are going to be. There are a few jobs that are going to help increase the efficiency of your system. This article explains how you can make your heat pump more energy efficient.

Cleaning the Coils

The efficiency of your heat pump is dependent on two important things, the fan and the evaporators. The fan is inside the main cylinder, and it is a little harder to clean. However, cleaning the evaporator coil is very easy because they are on the outside. If you look behind the protective cage, you will see sheets of metal that make up the evaporator coils. If you look even closer, you will notice that there are small lines in the metal. The little gaps in between these ridges can easily get clogged with dirt and dust. The goal when cleaning your evaporator coils is to clean out all of this dirt, and also make sure that these ridges are as straight as possible.

Straighten the Coils

Over time, the ridges can get smashed flat, reducing their productivity. To you solve this problem, you can invest in a coil cleaning brush. This is basically a metal wire brush that has bristles which are perfectly spaced to enable you to comb out the bent ridges.

Using Cleaners and/or a Hose

There is also coil cleaning liquid solution which is helpful for breaking down more stubborn dirt. Regardless, you might be able to just get the job done with water.

Cleaning the Fan

Once your coils are clean, you should focus on the fan. Usually, you can easily remove the protective bird guard on the top of your condenser unit to access the fan. A vacuum will be the best tool for cleaning out the fan compartment. Also, take a close look at the fan blades to make sure there is no rusting or deterioration. There is also an output duct opening at the bottom of the compartment. If this opening is clogged with leaves, you want to unclog it.

With clean coils and a clean fan compartment on your heat pump, you are going to experience more productive and energy efficient HVAC system. To learn more, contact an air conditioner installation company.