Four Indoor Air Quality Tips To Prevent The Winter Weather From Getting You Down

With the coming winter weather, you can expect the air quality in your home to disintegrate. After all, you are not going to be able to open windows in your home to bring in fresh air while also filtering out the dust and debris that is circulating in the air in your home. This is part of the reason people tend to get sick this time of year and it's especially damaging to those who have severe allergies or asthma. Here are four tips to improve the air quality in your home while still being able to use your heater:

  1. Clean the Vents: First off, before you begin using your heater, you want the vents to be cleaned. After all, the vents get dusty really easily and that dust is going to circulate through the home if the vents are not cleaned of it. To clean the vents, it's best to use a damp cloth and clean by slipping the cloth though the vent slots with your finger. If you're not able to get through, you can use a thin stick to help. 
  2. Clean the Fan Blades: You might be wondering how cleaning the fan blades would help. After all, many people have the misconception that the ceiling fan does not need to be used in the winter. The truth of the matter is that using the ceiling fan on a low setting while running the heater helps the air to circulate and spread the heat. Cleaning the fan blades will remove the dust sitting on top so that it's able to circulate the air without contributing to poor air quality. 
  3. Turn on the Fan Mode: You might want to consider turning the fan mode to on when you are using the heater this winter, but only if you suffer from extreme allergies, have children in the home, or have asthma. The reason being that it helps filter the air that is being circulated. The only downside is that you can expect higher energy bills and more wear and tear on the heater, but it's worth it in certain situations. 
  4. ​Consider an Air Filtration System: If you don't have one already, you might consider investing in the installation of an air filtration system, which is the best way to effectively keep the air quality in the home at bay. It's ideal for families since there are more people to keep healthy and for those who have allergies or asthma. 

These are the four air quality tips for anyone to consider this winter. Be sure that you also hire a professional HVAC service to inspect your heater, keep it clean, and fix any problems to ensure it's working at it's most effective point to keep air quality even better.