Planning Your Combination Swamp Cooler AC Installation For Efficient Summer Cooling

If you want a way to keep your home cool for less this summer, a swamp cooler may be the right answer. The problem is that these systems only work with dry air. A modern combination cooling system can be installed in your home and can solve this problem. These systems use a combination of evaporative cooling and conventional AC. The following information will help you plan the installation of a combination swamp cooler before the summer heat.

The Design of the Evaporative Cooler Unit

When you are installing a hybrid evaporative cooler and AC, the system uses a cooling tower for evaporation. This is the most efficient design for these types of systems. There are some features to consider for the design of the cooling tower, including:

  • High-efficiency fan components
  • Matts that provide cooling through evaporation
  • Pumps and reservoir pan for water supply to the cooling tower
  • Rooftop or higher installation for more effective evaporative cooling

The cooling tower features are important for the hybrid system because they also need other extra components. Therefore, it is also important to find a good place for the location of the tower.

Conventional Ductwork for Hybrid Cooling Systems

When you are installing a hybrid evaporative cooler system, it needs to have ductwork like conventional AC. The ductwork system needs to be a little different than some conventional HVAC system designs. Some of the differences with the ducts in these systems include:

  • Galvanized ducts with antifungal features
  • Electrostatic air filters
  • Attic installation for practical and efficient design

The ductwork needs to be installed to allow the system to use the conventional AC design and swamp cooler since these systems usually have a cooling tower in the attic.

The High-Efficiency AC of Combination Systems

The combination hybrid evaporative cooler systems also need a more conventional AC unit to provide cooling in high humidity. These systems are high-efficiency AC units that provide cooling through compressed gas systems with refrigerant. Combining the evaporative cooler and the conventional AC allows these systems to provide efficient cooling no matter what the weather is doing outside. This unit will also be the dehumidifying element, which ensures the air in your home is comfortable.

Efficient Controls to Maximize Energy Savings

The controls of your HVAC system are important. With a hybrid evaporative cooling system, they are even more important. There are extra features that you will want to consider for these systems, including:

  • Digital display with touchpad controls
  • Options for humidity levels and controls
  • Programmable AI features that make the system easier to use

Your hybrid system's extra control features will make it more effective at cooling your home and maximizing comfort.

The installation of a combination evaporative cooler system can provide your home with the most efficient cooling during summer weather. Contact an AC installation service to discuss installing one of these hybrid systems in your home.