Adding The Right Residential Air Filtration Solutions To Your Home's HVAC System

The HVAC system you have installed in your home may be a basic design that provides heating and cooling for your home. These systems can do a lot more than just provide air conditioning. There are also options for ventilation, humidifiers, and other systems to improve the quality of the air you are breathing in your home. The following information may help you choose the right air filtration solutions to add to your home's HVAC system:

Humidifier Systems for Household HVAC

You may want to improve your home's air conditioning with better humidity controls. Today, humidifiers can add moisture to the air in your home or remove it. Adding a humidifier may be good for dry climates where moisture can improve the air quality inside your home. In other areas, a dehumidifying system may be good for basement foundations where high moisture levels can cause problems. The dehumidifying of these areas will improve air quality, prevent damage and eliminate foul odors due to moisture.

Purification Solutions for Improved Air Quality

There are also options for air purification systems that you may want to have added to your HVAC system. These are more complete filtration solutions that remove smaller particles from the air. These systems will reduce the smallest particles through the use of different technologies, such as electrostatic filters and collection systems. They often require blowers that can provide better airflow. These blowers need to be more powerful to pass air through the purification system and your HVAC ductwork.

Smart Filtration Controls for HVAC Air Vents

Today, smart filtration solutions can also be integrated into the HVAC vents in different areas of your home. These are some of the most affordable and effective solutions if you want to add air filtration to your HVAC system. These are specially designed vents with filters that can be controlled with an application on your phone.

Updating Existing HVAC Air Filters

There are other options to upgrade your existing HVAC air filters. These filters can be updated by installing specially designed systems that use electricity to remove particles from the air. These filters can also be cleaned and do a better job of removing allergens to improve your home's air quality. If you use electrostatic air filters, they can restrict airflow, so you may want to talk to your HVAC contractor about upgrading the blower motor to compensate for the dense filter.  

These are some of the different options that you will want to consider to add air filtration to your HVAC system. Contact an air filtration service to talk to them about some of these options for your system.