Types Of Air Conditioning Units To Install In Your Home

Having an efficient AC in your house is essential to cool your home during hot seasons. If you currently don't have an AC or want to replace your old cooling system, there are numerous options. Here are common types of air conditioners that you can install in your home.

Window Air Conditioners

AC installation services can set up window air conditioning units on your window. The systems are ideal for cooling single-unit houses as most are static and have a low cooling capacity due to their small size. To conquer this limitation, you may install several cooling systems or buy a large AC. The bigger your air conditioner, the higher the cooling capacity. Additionally, window air conditioners come in different designs to fit various home layouts.

Portable Air Conditioners

A portable AC works by gathering warm air from a room and cooling this warm air before releasing cooled air to the room. Then the AC installation directs the warm air outdoors through a hose that's installed in a window. Ideally, the cooling systems are mobile, making it easy to cool a particular room. However, portable cooling units are usually small and have a low heating capacity. The main benefit of portable AC units is that you can use them wherever you go.

Air Heat Pumps

A heat pump operates by collecting the warm air from the indoors and directing it outside. Instead of burning fuel, the heat pumps use air as the energy source. Hence, these cooling systems are energy-efficient and an excellent option for homes with ductwork. For this reason, the cost of the AC installation may be high, but you'll save more cash in the long term since you won't have high energy bills to pay.

Central Air Conditioners

Central ACs can evenly cool every room in your house simultaneously and without producing noises. The cooling units have two components connected by refrigerant tubing:

  • Condensing unit. AC installation professionals set up the condensing unit outside your house. The unit generates cool air that's directed to the evaporative unit.

  • Evaporative unit. The unit sits next to the furnace and supplies cool air to your home through the duct system.

Central ACs usually have programmable thermostats that allow you to set the temperature you want in your rooms. That helps you keep your energy consumption in check and reduce energy bills significantly.

The most common AC installation options include portable, central, and window ACs, as well as air heat pumps. Consider these options if you have an upcoming air conditioning installation project.