4 Air Conditioning Services That You Need

Your air conditioner keeps you comfortable indoors. However, regular maintenance is needed to ensure it works better, lasts longer, and keeps energy costs down. Neglecting necessary maintenance can set your AC unit up for a steady decline in performance and increased energy use. To keep you further informed, here are four types of air conditioning services that you need. 

1. Basic Cleaning

This is a simple cleaning process on your air conditioner. You will need basic cleaning tools like liquid soap, a damp cloth, and a brush. Then you can check the areas that need cleaning. 

Generally, the external filter is one of the parts that is easiest to clean. You only need to smoothly remove it from the AC and wipe out the dust. Once you have put it back, you'll notice an instant improvement in how your AC filters your air. 

2. Air Conditioner System Tune-Up

An air conditioning system tune-up involves an HVAC technician opening up your outdoor and indoor AC unit to assess vital components and check if there are potential issues that could spell trouble down the road. After that, they may shut off electrical power to perform the needed inspection and cleaning tasks. 

While maintenance services during tune-ups may vary depending on the state of your AC unit, some common tasks include lubricating moving parts, clearing the condensation drain, cleaning evaporator and condenser coils, recharging the refrigerant, and correcting blower issues. With all that is involved, tune-ups are best left to HVAC experts who understand the inner workings of air conditioning systems. 

3. Tube Cleaning

The tubes are responsible for converting hot air to cold air. Due to the vast amount of work they do, they are also the dirtiest parts of your air conditioner. When the dirt accumulates, the AC struggles to release cold air and may even stop working. 

For proper cleaning, the tube linings need to be dismantled, cleaned, and then reassembled. Hence, hire an HVAC expert to ensure everything is done right from start to finish. 

4. General Cleaning

This is cleaning that goes deeper to both internal and external parts of your air conditioner. It should be performed at least once a year by an HVAC technician. In most cases, your AC unit will send you warning signs that cleaning time is due. You may notice it's not producing cold air as usual, or it's starting to make strange sounds. 

The HVAC expert will open up your AC unit and thoroughly clean all its parts. This maximizes your air conditioner's efficiency and also prolongs its lifespan.