Reasons Your Furnace Produces Poor Air Quality

The heating system in your home can affect indoor air quality. When your furnace is working at peak efficiency and is well maintained, you will enjoy good air quality. However, if it is not working like it is supposed to, you will have poor indoor air quality. One of the problems that furnace repair services can addresses is air quality. Here are some causes your furnace is producing lousy air quality.

Dirty Air Filter

The air filter in your furnace removes contaminants, debris, and dirt from your system. A buildup in the air filter can impact your home's air quality. It can also reduce the energy efficiency of the furnace and reduce its lifespan.

Some factors that contribute to a buildup in your air filter include pollen, pet dander, and dust mites. When air filters are clogged or dirty, the air flowing through the furnace is restricted. Therefore, it is recommended you clean the air filter every three months.

Dirty Air Ducts

Gas furnaces depend on ducts to distribute hot air in your home. Over time, dirt can build up in these ducts. Firstly, air flowing through the ducts may be restricted if there is a high buildup of dirt. When the airflow is reduced, hot air is not circulated through your home as quickly as it should be.

As a result, your system works harder than usual to achieve the required temperatures. This translates to high electricity bills and promotes wear and tear on the furnace's components. Dirty air ducts can also cause your furnace to shut down to avoid overheating. If cleaning the filters does not remedy the situation, you need to replace them.

Humidity and Dry Air

As a furnace gets old, its ability to regulate humidity levels is reduced. You will notice that the indoor air is drier, especially during winter when the furnace is mostly active. Signs of dry air conditions include:

  • Drooping plants
  • More significant static buildup
  • Dry throats and skin
  • Cracking wood furniture

Dry air promotes skin conditions and allergies. The remedy for this situation is to replace the furnace. New furnaces are more efficient and have better blower motors that improve the humidity levels in your home.

Poor air quality is just one of the reasons you should hire a furnace repair technician. Other reasons include thermostat problems, startup issues, and strange noises. It is advisable to have your furnace regularly inspected to catch problems before they get out of hand.