Is Warm Air Coming From Your Air Conditioning Unit? Find Out Why

The air conditioning makes it possible for most people to navigate the warm months. Unfortunately, like any other appliance or system, it might break down after some time. A common problem you are likely to get with your AC is the gadget blowing warm air. When this happens, you are likely to be frustrated. Read more to discover why your AC is releasing warm air and when to call AC repair professionals. 

1. No Power Supply

A fully functional AC has two units, one inside and another outside. All these units need to be running so that the system can produce cool air. If one of the units is off or not working, the AC will not produce cool air. So, if your AC produces warm air, inspect the electric power to ensure the electrical panel or breaker has not tripped. You also need to confirm that the switch associated with the unit is on.

2. Low Refrigerant Products

A refrigerant is essential in your AC unit as it absorbs warmth and excess moisture from the air. Therefore, if your AC does not give cool air, it may be due to the low refrigerant in your system. In most cases, this occurs when the unit has a hole that causes the refrigerant to leak. If there is a hole in your cooling unit, it is best to hire a skilled AC expert to check and fix the problem.

3. Dirty Air Filters

The purpose of the filter in the AC system is to ensure the air getting in your space is clean. It does this by catching any dust and particles present in the air. Due to the accumulation of debris, the filter needs regular change to enable the air to flow easily through the system. Otherwise, a filthy filter can cause the AC to strain, which can cause the warm air to blow. So, when you notice that the AC produces cool air, you should check the filter to ensure it is clean.

4. Malfunctioning Fan System

The warm air can also be due to a malfunctioning fan system. Various issues such as debris, lack of lubrication, worn belts, and faulty motor can make the fan malfunction. It does not matter if the fan is indoors or outdoors; if it fails to work, it could lead to poor airflow and the AC blowing warm air. An issue with your AC fan is not easy to fix and needs an expert's skill to handle it.

These are common reasons your AC might blow warm air into your house. When you experience these issues, it is important to find a qualified AC repair technician to help you manage them. The professionals have the skill needed to determine the cause of the problem and the best way to fix it.