What Are Some Of The Things A Commercial AC Installer Will Look At When Helping You Choose A System?

If you're ready to install a commercial air conditioning unit in your building, you've probably started looking into some of the systems that are available. After all, you'll want to get an idea of the type of system that you'll be buying and how much it's going to cost. However, it may be confusing to look at different systems. There are several popular brands for you to choose from, and they come in different sizes. They vary quite a bit in price, too. If you're more confused than ever about the type of commercial air conditioning unit that you need, then you'll want to consult a professional. After all, they'll consider all of these things—and more—when helping you choose the unit that you'll have installed.

The Amount of Space That Needs to Be Cooled

First and foremost, the square footage of your commercial building is definitely something that will be considered when a commercial air conditioning unit is being chosen. After all, this is the case with residential properties and any other properties where air conditioning units—or heating units, for that matter—are installed. Naturally, if you run a small business out of a small commercial building, then a smaller commercial unit should be all you need. However, they make much bigger units that are designed for large commercial spaces, as well as industrial spaces.

The Way Your Building Is Designed

The size of your commercial building is not the only thing that has to be thought about when a commercial air conditioning unit is being chosen. The way that it's designed and set up is important, too. For example, if your building is a one-level, large, open building, its needs will be quite different than if it were a multi-level building with a lot of individual offices or rooms. In some cases, multiple units might be needed, or a unit that makes it possible to set up multiple zones might be required.

The Type of Business That You Operate

You might not think that the type of business that you operate is really going to have an impact on the type of air conditioning unit that you need. However, if you operate a business that causes a lot of heat to be created in the building—such as a restaurant where you might use a hot pizza oven and other hot equipment—then you might find that a unit that would otherwise be right for that size of a building might not be able to adequately cool the facility. Therefore, you should let your commercial air conditioning installer know about your intended use of your building so they can help you choose a suitable unit. 

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