Habits That Will Damage Your Furnace

Many homeowners have a furnace to ensure they are warm during the cold seasons. It is crucial to invest in professional furnace maintenance to ensure the longevity of your furnace. Apart from maintenance, there are actions that endanger the functionality of your furnace. Avoid the following habits if you don't want to replace your furnace prematurely or pay for costly repairs. 

Positioning Furniture in Front of the Furnace Registers

You shouldn't place furniture near the furnace registers. These items will prevent airflow. If your furnace has airflow issues, it won't take long before it starts malfunctioning. For example, when cold air makes its way back to the furnace, the system works harder to warm your home. This leads to an increase in the furnace's energy consumption and raises utility bills. Remove these obstacles to allow the area to receive sufficient heating.

DIY Duct Cleaning

One of the tasks professionals perform during furnace maintenance is cleaning the ducts. Ductwork accumulates dirt over time, and this affects its performance. Many homeowners make the mistake of using instructional YouTube videos to guide them in duct cleaning. Ductwork cleaning involves the use of specialized tools. Furthermore, before cleaning ducts, professionals need to determine the source of the debris. Therefore, DIY cleaning will only provide short-term effects.

Low-Quality Insulation

Insulation is crucial for maintaining the warmth of your house in the winter and affects the performance of your furnace. When your home is poorly insulated, your furnace works overtime. This causes your energy bills to rise. Insufficient insulation leads to mold growth and condensation. This poses a significant risk to your health and increases the chances that your furnace will shut down. Schedule a professional inspection of your insulation to ensure the longevity of your furnace and save on energy costs.

Failing to Change Furnace Filters Regularly

Few homeowners know that changing furnace filters enhances the efficiency of a furnace. Filters accumulate dirt with use. When you clean these filters, you unclog the particles that prevent the system's efficiency. Better yet, when you change the filters, the furnace is more productive and operates at optimal capacity.

Failing to change the filters will cause dirt and debris to gather in your system. This will damage many components, resulting in costly repairs or the need to replace the furnace. You should change the furnace filters at least after a few months.

In Closing

After you install a furnace in your home, you should ask your technician to give you pointers on how to ensure it stays efficient. Also, ask them how often you should schedule servicing and maintenance. These precautions will enable you to enjoy the heating services of your furnace for a long time without the inconvenience of frequent repairs.

Contact a local HVAC service to learn more about heater maintenance.