3 Options For Home Air Conditioning

Are you not satisfied with how your home feels in the summer, and want to make some modifications for additional comfort? You'll definitely want to know more about what your options are for air conditioning.

Central Air Conditioning

One option you may have available to you is central air conditioning. That is because it requires an existing ductwork system in your home to move all the air through. It's only really viable if you have a forced air furnace with the ductwork in place, as it is just not practical to add ductwork to a home that is already constructed. 

A good and bad thing about central air conditioning is that it cools off your entire home. This is good because you only need one solution for whole home cooling, and bad because you cannot create individual cooling zones. The air conditioner is running everywhere or it is turned off completely. 

Window Air Conditioning

A quick and easy alternative is to use a window air conditioning unit. These units slide right into an open window and are secured in place by the window sash above it. You need a nearby plug to power the air conditioner, and you can quickly cool down a single room in your home after a DIY installation.

The problem with a window air conditioner is that it is somewhat loud, which may be problematic if you do not like the sound while sleeping at night. It also only cools down the room it is in and potentially adjoining rooms when the door is open. 

Mini-Split Air Conditioning 

A mini-split air conditioner works much like a central air conditioner, but there's no ductwork involved. You have a compressor outside your home that cools down refrigerant that goes to an indoor unit, which is built right into a wall. Thankfully, it's possible to run refrigerant to multiple indoor units from a single compressor.

Many people love mini-split air conditioning because it is easy to retrofit into an existing home. They do make noise, but they are much quieter than a window unit, which makes them the preferable choice. The downside is that a mini-split system does require a professional to help install it for you, and it will modify your home. You really need to commit to a mini-split system before you move forward with the installation. 

Reach out to an HVAC contractor at a service such as Central York Corp for more information about home air conditioning.